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music by colin nicholls & walter nicholls
lyrics by colin nicholls

performed, engineered, and produced by colin nicholls
july 2010 - october 2013
recorded in a spare room in marin county, california

mastered to -11 db RMS during the loud sections

photos & design by colin nicholls


Who are The Prodigal Sounds?

Take one part Kevin Gilbert; and one part Thomas Dolby. Add a generous dash of Mike Oldfield's guitar and Emerson's keyboards. Sprinkle with Tony Levin's tasty bass playing. Let it simmer for two decades.

From this broth we drank heavily, whilst recording these eight songs and six instrumentals.

Side 2 could be considered as a single, continuous suite of thematically related music.

This is the Fruit of the Steel Tree, our first album. Enjoy!

Fruit of the Steel Tree

Our debut collection of songs is now available on CD Baby!

Melodic progressive rock songs and instrumental interludes, a touch of 70's influence but a product of the dystopian Now.


You can listen to previews below, or, for more details, click on the title of each track to explore: full tracks; lyrics; production notes; and demos from the archives.

  Side 1   Preview (192kbps)
01. The Great Escape 2:28
02. Head in the Game 5:49
03. Playing with the Big Boys 6:02
04. Painting Abstracts 6:15
05. A Sample of One 3:53
06. Solo Flight 8:59
Side 2
07. Prologue 1:52
08. The Steel Tree 3:19
09. Into the Shade 5:01
10. Interlude I 1:56
11. Selling the Dragon 5:00
12. Interlude II 3:29
13. Future Imperfect 5:08
14. Epilogue 3:33