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Matrix Rebuilt: More non-standard fun with T-SQL "I don't know about you but I'm not in love with the Matrix control in SQL RS. I'm not in love with pivot tables in Excel, either, maybe it's me, I don't get my head around th ..." Type: Post
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Walkthrough: SQL, not Range Bars, is the Secret Sauce to SSRS Gantt Charts  I've seen numerous people advocate the use of Range Bars for Gantt charts in SSRS.  Well, Type: Post
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In praise of offering multiple APIs: QRCodes for SSRS and more "The need for bar codes never seems to go away -- it just morphs. In a 2008 post, I talked about different ways to render a chart yourself, if the native types offered weren't what you wanted. But I&nb ..." Type: Post
Dynamically arranged and derived charts "This one is a special shout-out to Tom and Wisdom. Tom writes: Is it possible to create the charts dynamically in SSRS 2008?Based on the inputs the number of charts needs to be created. If user select ..." Type: Post
SQL for Sideways-Layout Reports "(I am supposed to be blogging about TMM and nothing else this month... so this will be VERY hastily done and I apologize in advance for any screwed up formatting.) There is a classic report layo ..." Type: Post
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Preparing a Surface "A while back, I mentioned Art Fuller, who taught me to paint a house properly, both inside and out.  He also taught me how to tar a roof. This all happened at a teen work camp called Lincoln Farm ..." Type: Post
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A good kick in the pants: Lookup functions in SSRS, Part Deux "Well, this is embarrassing. I must really be out of practice. Last time I wrote, which was the first time in a very long time, I wrote about how you could use Lookup functions to handle dataset relati ..." Type: Post
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YAPS about Dynamic Layouts "Ehud Kafri wrote on a moribund thread in the SQL Server RS  forum to ask: Hi Lisa,  I have a simelar problem, I have a list item that recive a collection of objects th ..." Type: Post
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XSLT and your mother don't speak C# "Being an integration specialist is never dull. I am going to excerpt from an IM chat with one of the programmers on my team, about an SSIS package we are developing. He:I got: ..." Type: Post
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Walkthrough: A Simple-ish Runtime Quick Report "Subtitle for this post probably should be: Yet More Fun with Report Parameters, or Sometimes the magic needs a little help. Vij wrote in response to one of my dynamic reporting posts: ..." Type: Post
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