"Any ideas?" is the most frequently-asked question in technical forums. My answer is: yes.

On leaving and returning


C, always my best influence, said something like this a couple of weeks ago:

Developers code in two ways: at work and at home when they're messing about with what interests them and makes them happy. 

And, if you're smart, you'll try to align those two things.


I'm going to do my best to prove him right.  Deep breath.

Today I leave EC|Wise and my post as MS Technologies team manager/solutions architect.

I will shortly begin work at the Santa Rosa City Schools District, as a DBA with some truly daunting data and reporting/BI responsibilities. 

With this move I hope to begin making several changes in my daily life and my family life-style, among them to work more constantly on tasks that are closely aligned with the interests you see displayed on this blog.

I will also be giving back something to the public school district that prepared both my sons for Harvard and successful, enjoyable adult lives.

And speaking of milestones...

Today is also Jonah Day

I wish Jonah, and his wonderful parents, the first of many, many happy returns.