"Any ideas?" is the most frequently-asked question in technical forums. My answer is: yes.

Good on you, Steve

Steve Wiley has written to say he's riffed on my print jobs article  (previously discussed on this blog in an RDL context, here, to help folks combine multiple print jobs in VFP.

You can read Steve's article here: Combining Portrait and Landscape Reports into One Print Job in VFP9 -!4B5ADAC60D047AC6!521.entry - and he is very welcome.

Printers.  The bane of my existence. They won't go away.

ReportListeners.  Really deep, and really useful.  They won't go away either.

And that's all she wrote... 

Well, actually, it's not. But there was definitely a good, closure-type feeling about being able to make that particular contribution to the Fox community, and I think it will be the part that folks remember longest.