"Any ideas?" is the most frequently-asked question in technical forums. My answer is: yes.

Not The Sole Inhabitant

Our friend Mitchell has checked in and reminds me that packing-and-moving could be worse. 

I'm sure Thomas Dolby has more gear than we do and, besides, this one isn't a trans-continental or trans-ocean move for us... and I'm not moving a boat by land either, or trying to set one up as my office, fer cryin' out loud.

Thanks, M -- I've been so distracted by mundanities and inanities that I hadn't even checked his blog for a while.  To the rest of you:  if you can catch TD on tour, be sure to do so. (C and I saw this date and it surpassed our expectations, which started out pretty wild to begin with.) 

And read the blog, possibly to your children. The man is a role model and a citizen of the world. If you want a music hero for them he's a much better choice than the guitar-h type...