"Any ideas?" is the most frequently-asked question in technical forums. My answer is: yes.

Polishing off Commands & Functions with the Cranberry Sauce

[Please reference this post if you have not previously read about VFP-TMM.] 

Tonight I've posted several more TMM docoids, completing my planned PEM and C&F Topic Revisions entries.

If you scan the newly-live links in the TOC for TMM, you'll notice that two more docoids have also been added this evening:

These two are not obviously related to the C&F group, and it may not be immediately evident why I include them at this time, but the reason is simple: these two CHM topics are the last two in my TOC plan that needed updates for work done in the SP1 timeframe.  It just seemed right to include them in the group of "housekeeping" or supporting elements while I'm laying the groundwork in TMM.

Next up (whenever time permits) will probably be the rest of the Report Designer Dialog Revisions and Additions group. It will be no mean feat, given the amount of cool stuff C added to the dialogs in SP2, assuming I don't do it in the time-honored MS style of "click the Edit button if you want to Edit".

These topics, too, represent groundwork for the conceptual topics, because the new dialog elements surface so much of the underyling new-in-SP2 functionality.

So... onwards, and upwards (flying home from Turkey Festivities tomorrow).