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WestPac Rescue Helicopter

an unfinished documentary film
by Gavin Endicott

Music by Colin Nicholls


  mp3 quality size duration
Bolero 128kbps, 44.1kHz 5.4 Mb 5:45
End Titles 128kbps, 44.1kHz 1.7 Mb 1:51


A year or so later, in 1996, Gavin was back, this time requiring some music for a short documentary film on the WestPac Rescue Helicopter. Again, he had a strong idea of the style of music he wanted. I wrote two pieces based around the same themes.

Bolero -  Gavin played me a soundtrack from a video game - mech warrior I think - and said that he'd like something like that. It sounded very much like Ravel's Bolero! Unashamedly influenced by ELP's "Abaddon's Bolero" from the Trilogy album, in this piece I tried to give Gavin music that he could chop apart and repeat various sections of in order to fit the film, which I had not seen at the time. Still haven't, in fact. I wonder if it was actually finished?

End Titles -  A more upbeat version of the same themes.



2001-2005 Colin Nicholls