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excerpts 2:08 96kbps, 24kHz 1.5 Mb
Listen (lo-fi) 12:45 96kbps, 24kHz 4.4 Mb
Listen (hi-fi) 12:45 192kbps, 44.1 kHz 8.8 Mb
Early stages 1: part one theme (1989) 1:00 96kbps, 44.1kHz 0.7 Mb
Early stages 2: intro theme (1991) 1:15 96kbps, 44.1kHz 0.8 Mb
Early stages 3: part four demo (1997) 0:37 96kbps, 44.1kHz 0.4 Mb
Early stages 4: part four demo 2 (1997) 1:03 96kbps, 44.1kHz 0.7 Mb

Notes -  December 2005

This is my first attempt at a progressive rock "epic", and although it is not the most recent music I've written, it's the latest one I've actively worked on. Everything except the MIDI sequenced synths have been re-recorded, and some of those have been replaced with new guitar tracks. This is the first time I've used some "real" percussion, i.e. stuff I've hit with my hands and recorded through a microphone as opposed to triggering MIDI samples. It really makes a difference. Lyrically this song is warning us about cluttering our lives up with technology for its own sake. Let me publicly acknowledge that parts of the lead guitar at the beginning are a total steal from David Gilmour, in case you couldn't tell. Many years ago Walter played a cool solo in part 4 on his D50 synth, which we captured as a MIDI sequence. It remains in place. I recently re-recorded all the "hammond organ" tracks using the Roland VK-8. I think it rocks harder.

Early stages:
More relics from the cassette tapes of antiquity. The first example is an extract from an unrelated instrumental piece I never finished but I realised much later was actually the first instance of one of the themes from part 1. The slow introduction theme has been around a long time also, as shown by my attempts to render it using multiple E-Bow guitar drones. The e-bowed guitar is still in the final track but not nearly as obviously. Finally, a couple of early demos of Part 4 show the evolution of that piece. At one time it was evidently going to include a funky drum solo. Hmm. I prefer the final version.



Listen to the sound coming through your window,
Listen to the sound across the floor
Listen to the sound, a mystic sibilance slips the bolt, unlocks the sliding door

Listen to the sound coming through the doorway,
Listen to the sound you can't ignore
Listen as the sound of information tricks the mind, exploits the hidden flaw

Hear the sound, hear the sound...

Listen to the sound coming through the airwaves,
Listen to the sound across the web
Listen to the sound that's in the carrier, throws the catch and slips inside your head

Listen to the sound coming through the network
Listen to the sound in every nerve
Change the channel, set the programme, view the replay, hearing every word

We are talking Life Blood, We are talking Pain
We are taking the test of life, and only strong remain
We are talking Life Times, We are looking for blame
It's a mystery of life, and one we can't explain

We are talking Life Lines, We are taking the strain
Ignore the rules of life, and play a different game
We are talking Life Blood, Pounding with your fear
You've got a cellphone held to your ear, but you're not listening

We are talking Life Signs, We are looking for Space
Impossible to find a place where we can start listening
We are talking Sound-bites, and we are over-exposed
There's too much noise from the road, and we've stopped listening

Hear the sound, hear the sound...


2001-2005 Colin Nicholls