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Painting Abstracts (on location)



  duration mp3 quality size
excerpts 1:44 96kbps, 24kHz 1.2 Mb
Painting Abstracts (lo-fi) 6:18 96kbps, 24kHz 4.4 Mb
Painting Abstracts (hi-fi) 6:18 192kbps, 44.1 kHz 8.8 Mb
HF2 Solo in the middle section 0:44 120kbps, 44.1kHz 0.6 Mb
Early stages 1: coming up with the riffs (1989) 2:01 96kbps, 44.1kHz 1.4 Mb
Early stages 2: the basic song (1989) 5:20 96kbps, 44.1kHz 3.7 Mb

Notes -  December 2005

Chorus in 7/8 time, verses in 4/4. Pulsing guitars, sustaining keyboards, offbeat bassline. Walter and I collaborated on the lyrics, which are perhaps a little too busy. The song is a fairly obvious warning about denial and regret. Carpe diem and all that. I am very proud of the jazzy piano in the middle section. Recently I re-recorded pretty much everything: guitars, drums, and vocals. Also the Wendler fretless bass demanded to be used for the bridge section.

Early stages
(These tracks have been taken from a series of very old cassette tapes on which we used to record all our ideas, many years ago.)  The first relic features a Roland Jupiter 6 and Korg Polysix, neither of which we still have. Shame really - they made some pretty good sounds. The second relic demonstrates the power of the Korg M1 sequencer, if not the talents of the guitar player... for dedicated fans only, I'm afraid. The chord sequence of the middle section is the same, yet completely different.



Across the room I saw your face
You caught my eye in a net of desire
Some other time, in your embrace
I remember your words, you said:

    I'm Painting Abstracts on location, I'm faking a picture and signing my name
    Painting Abstracts, no salvation from the painful pictures that collect in my brain
    Painting Abstracts, my creation is the one way I know and it's never the same
    Painting Abstracts, one solution is disolving the memories - and forgetting the shame

Across the crowd I heard your voice
Held my thoughts in a web of a memory
Words in my head gave me a choice
I lost my mind, the moment slipped away...

Across the years I see my past
Trapped by fear, as though it seemed at the time
I never knew time went so fast
Was it yesterday, you said,

    I'm Painting Abstracts on location, ignoring reality, and enduring the pain
    Painting Abstracts, on probation, but I rob from the bank to keep playing the game
    Painting Abstracts, my protection is the colour's so vivid, I don't have to explain
    Painting Abstracts on location, I'm taking a remedy that is keeping me sane


2001-2005 Colin Nicholls