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No Reservations (2007)

We are big fans of the German film Mostly Martha on which this is based, so I admit that I sat down in the theater with some misgivings as to whether I was going to enjoy the film. They were unfounded. It's kind of a "food movie" so I knew I wasn't going to hate it, but I didn't expect to enjoy myself as much as I did.

No Reservations closely follows its inspiration, as it should, but L thinks the ending is different. I couldn't remember. (I think J has our copy of the Mostly Martha DVD and we're looking forward to re-viewing the original.) If it is different, then I think No Reservations is better, in the way that shaving some white truffle improves the perfectly poached egg. Unnecessary, perhaps, but you're going to enjoy it.

Zeta-Jones is always fun to watch and she manages to project the necessary "perfectionist single woman" despite being "too hot to be single" if you know what I mean. Aaron Eckhart, on the other hand, plays the unwanted love interest adequately but he is slightly unconvincing because he plays it as a "too hot and charming to be unencumbered by previous relationships" guy. But what the heck. All is made up for by the perfect casting of Abigail Breslin as the newly-motherless moppet. She's perfect, adorable, and we just wanted to take her home and pet her.

Totally recommended if you have a honey you can go see it with.