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So Pho, So Good*

Lately we have discovered the joys of Pho. It all started when we were on the way back from seeing a film at the SunCoast - I can't remember what the film was now - and we didn't want to eat at the cafe or the buffet, so we just drove home, looking in case there was something interesting we hadn't done before. And then we passed a Vietnamese restaurant called "Pho Rose" (on Buffalo Drive, south of Lake Mead) and in a impulse, stopped and had some soup.

Total Yummo. And very cheap.

We have returned once since then, and also found an opportunity to dine at Pho Vietnam, located upstairs from the market in "Chinatown" on Spring Mountain Road, where in my opinion the food was even better. But that leads to another story...

*It's pronounced "fuh"