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An alternative to checkboxes for logical fields in Grids

I've never really been happy with how checkbox controls look when contained in Grid columns, displaying logical values. Lately I've been using the method described below.

Given a table with a logical column such as:

create cursor FILMLIST values ( VIEWED L, TITLE C(50) )

I use an expression for the grid column instead of referencing the table column name directly:

Alignment=2-(Middle Center)
ControlSource = iif(FILMLIST.VIEWED,"ü"," ")

The default textbox control in the column will display the logical value as a tick mark (the WingDings character for ü):

This is all you need to do for a read-only column. For my users, I make the column editable by adding some code to the textbox's .DblClick() event:


This toggles the logical flag when the user double-clicks the mouse in the column - and handles possible NULL values as well.

As an exercise for the student, try adding support for toggling the flag using the keyboard SPACE bar.