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This post is brought to you by AccuSharp, makers of the knife and tool sharpener voted best manual device by Cooks Illustrated in a recent issue.

I've tried honing our knives using a sharpening stone, a steel, and a strange diamond dust crusted thing that you pull the blades through, and I haven't had much luck keeping a nice edge on our kitchen weapons. When the time came to put together a nice selection of chef's knives as a flat-warming present for Younger Son, we debated whether to add a knife sharper or similar to the package. I realised that I didn't have a recommendation. So, to the "tubes" we went.

After finding a reference to the Cook's Illustrated comparison, I ordered the device online, only to find it was carried in our local Ace Hardware store. I should have checked first, because where possible we like supporting our local stores instead of just using the LazyWeb.

Anyhow, I've been sharpening the major cutting edges in our knife collection, using the new sharpening gizmo, and I have to admit that now I realise that our knives haven't really been "sharp" for some time. Now they are dangerous again. I have to alter my habits in the kitchen because every other time I've sliced vegetables with the newly sharpened blades, I've also managed to slice the top off one of my fingers. Bad chopping practice on my part, is all.... unless there is truly such a think as a too sharp knife. And I don't think there is.