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300 and Dolby

Last night L noticed that Thomas Dolby is playing at The Cannery on Wednesday. I am so embarrassed that I missed hearing about this myself. I've been checking his tour dates but they've been updated since I last looked and now there it is. So naturally, we drove down Craig Road to pick up some tickets. While we were there we took in a screening of Frank Miller's 300.

This film made us very uncomfortable because it unashamedly glorifies fighting and dying for the sake of, well, nothing much really. And the bad guys are Persian turban-heads. As propaganda goes, this is pretty unsubtle, much like Triumph des Willens. I'm sure many people watch the film and feel strangely reassured without realising that they are being fed the line that it's ok to sacrifice your sons to the meat grinder because after all, it's "glorious".

Feh. We survived the film by laughing semi-hysterically throughout. It's just so... Gay. What else can you say about a story in which a deformed hunchback betrays his kingdom because the simpering enemy god-king (decked out in gold paint jewelery) promises him a uniform?

In hindsight it would have made a very attractive music video for, say, Queen.

Let me finish by saying "Thomas Dolby on Wednesday! Woot!"