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Happy New Year!

As search tools become more capable of looking inside of Outlook PST files, the yearly chore of "filing email" has become easier. Theoretically. I'm ahead of the game, because I've just finished filing email for 2006, and basically it involved putting everything in one big "2006" folder. Now... all I need are those search tools. I used to use an Outlook plugin called "LookOut" but apparently Microsoft bought the company and for a while it was unavailable. (Huh. It seems to be available from MSFT now. Perhaps I'll give it another try, although I remember it slowed down the start time of Outlook considerably.) My inbox looks very different with only two email messages in it!

There's bound to be something I need to refer to in the last couple of months of 2006 but it won't be too much of a problem to find the messages.