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My Precious

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes for yesterday. I am once again in my prime. L has a hard time choosing presents for me, because I tend to be somewhat... choosy. This year, however, she got 98% of the way there without any help from me, which is cool because this way it really was a surprise. Here you can see a picture of my new precious which now replaces the other ones I've been using, which have suffered from various problems, like wearing out, or breaking, or the latest which was in spite of being cleaned and having a new battery, it stopped working. So, new watch? About time.

I may be a nerd, but regardless, I want you to pay special attention to the time shown by Mr Swiss Army Infantry #24654. Obviously I've set it special for the photo, but L will confirm that this was in fact the time shown by the watch when she spotted it under the display glass at the Ben Bridge store at Meadows Mall yesterday afternoon. On the 10 August, 4:06pm. Given that 6 minutes is a 10th of an hour... or you can take it the other way and say the watch is reading 41.

Either way, it is quite clear to me that I was meant to have this watch.