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Serenity Take 4

We paid our Serenity Tax again this weekend. What a great movie. It just gets better and better, and I leave the theater wanting to see it all over again.  This is a great film to see with fans. The cynics among you will say that, at this point, the hard core fans are the only people still going to see the film.

Well, Serenity is down to showing in just two or three theaters in our small, out-of-the-way home town, but the showing we went to (4:20pm on Sunday) was about half full, and maybe a third of those attending and not already seen the film. I know this because I asked them before the movie started.

Also, right at the end of the credits, you can hear a version of the original "FireFly" series theme that is really good, played mostly on solo guitar. A nice bonus for the fans.