looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Be careful with that cat, Eugene

Modes of operation
On no account should you approach a kitten in Active Mode. When primed, as this one is, for battle with the wily and elusive Bit Of Paper On A String, Ping-Pong Ball, Piece Of Bubble Wrap or Plastic Ovoid From The Middle Of A Chocolate Egg, kittens are deadly. Trifle with them and you may be savaged and eaten at any moment.

Gravity is no barrier.

If you must play with a kitten, employment of a laser pointer will allow you to maintain a safe distance.

A kitten will, however, enter Standby Mode for most of each day. During this period, it is safe to approach, and will consume no food and little oxygen; you may wrap it in a blanket with impunity.

Note that kittens in standby mode still emit noticeable heat. This is normal; no efforts to cool the kitten with fans, heat sinks, water jackets or chilled Fluorinert immersion should be made. Ocassional vibration and/or audible buzzing should be considered normal.

Beyond food, water and occasional medication, there's no need to worry about cleaning your kitten. It ought to take care of the job itself.

Any interest your kitten exhibits in other cleaning devices is not to be construed as an invitation to close them and turn them on.

Source: Review: Felis Catus