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Speaker Events

Saturday was free of sessions but packed with entertainment that R had organised for the speakers. First up was Go-Karting. After brunch we all piled into a bus and drove off to a warehouse somewhere in Frankfurt, where an indoor go-karting track was located. We had a great time, with two trial races to settle the final line-up, then followed by a "real" race. I did ok. [Update: Apparently the most-used muscle in go-kart racing is the Gluteus Maximus. I kid you not. Very sore the next day!]

Back to the hotel for a freshening up, then into the bus again, for a trip out to the airport, where the Boeing Simulators are. Heh. They're pretty good. You get to dress up in white overalls and booties like the Intel Engineers, then climb aboard a replica of one of several differnt kinds of aircraft. We got the 747. We sat up in the business class and enjoyed the experiences of losing cabin pressure; aborting take-off; a forced water landing; and exiting the craft via the giant inflatible slides. They are fast slides. You can burn your hands from friction which is one reason why the information cards tell you to cross your arms across your chest when you jump out.

On the way back from the airport the sun went down. I snapped a picture out of our hotel window, a simple shot of the Frankfurt skyline, looking away from the city.

That evening we were all invited to a wonderful dinner hosted by Hans and Gaby Lochmann. This is a regular conference event, apparently, but the first time I'd been there. Wow. It was also the first time I'd ever eaten roast goose, red cabbage, and some exquisite fluffy potato dumplings. Divine eating and wonderful hosts. Thank you!

Repacking everything acquired on this trip wasn't such a big deal as we thought it might be. Thanks to L's skills and the Amazing Expanding Bag, everything fit.

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