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The Second New Reality

The second reality the recent election made clear is that, regardless of whatever election-rigging might or might not have tipped the scale in Bush's favor, it is undeniably true that over fifty-five million American citizens honestly did ignore Bush's failure to get Bin Laden, ignored the missing WMD's, ignored the thousand war dead, ignored the back-door draft, ignored the two hundred million dollars wasted, ignored two dollar a gallon gasoline, ignored the plunging stock market, ignored our vanished international reputation and dwindling list of allies, and voted to let George W. Bush keep doing it for four more years.

When Bush speaks of having a mandate, he's not talking about the razor-thin one percent margin by which he won; he's talking about the fifty million who really are that dumb. These are people who can be trusted to respond to his platitudes instead of acting in their own interests, and they are an enormous source of power even if they barely represent a majority.

Source: localroger on Kuro5hin