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The Conference Begins

We had almost a full day of sessions to give today, starting at 10:00am and finishing up at 5:30pm, with regular breaks of course. Then L had an extra bonus evening sesssion after dinner, which I contributed to, a little.

Despite the flood of new information we delivered, I think most of the attendees understood where we were going with it and appreciated it. But I'll be the first to admit that it would have been a hard slog.

When news first leaked out about major revisions to Visual FoxPro's reporting system in version 9.0, I think everyone had their own expectation of what that might be. Well, today we presented the reality of the new reporting system, and almost inevitably, there was going to be some disappointment. This really put us at a disadvantage. It was very obvious after 10 minutes or so into each session that a portion of the audience were thinking, "but this isn't what we expected..."

Luckily, I think the rest of the attendees made up for it - there was always someone in the audience nodding and smiling every time they realised what they could now do that they couldn't do before.

Still - it was hard work.

Link: The Conference Begins