looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Day 2 in Arnhem

It's Sunday, and breakfast is available a little later than on other days, but still we woke up at the usual time, got dressed, and went down. I found the milk this time - it's over the other side from the coffee, with the fruit juices.

We had no specific plans for the day, but at 4:00pm we expected to be met by B who had invited us to come back with him to his house for dinner to meet his wife E and their 5 (?) cats. But that was some time away, and instead of going out and walking around the town as we had planned, I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep for 4 hours. This was unexpected, but I have learned that jet lag is not to be disregarded - at least if you are me. I would have expected this to hit me several days ago, but it seemed like it outwaited me and hit me on day 5 instead. I knew it was bad; I knew I consequently wouldn't be able to sleep well that evening, but I can never resist the 'lag unless I absolutely have to.

L brought my attention to this view out the bus windowB meet us downstairs at the arranged time and we walked to the bus stop to catch a bus to his house. I have to remember to carry my camera everywhere because the number of times I see stuff and realise that I don't have my camera with me are countless.  This time, fortunately, I was prepared. The light was fading as the sun hid behind the cloud in the West, but I kept seeing things I wanted to take pictures of. L pointed out this image on her side of the bus - I leaned over and did my best to capture it.

We had a great time with B and E in their house, being introduced to their cats and E's artwork.  And B's cooking! And not talking about work for a change.

Much later, B walked us back to the bus stop and we caught a bus back to the hotel. For reasons I still don't understand, it cost exactly twice as much to go the same distance but in the opposite direction.

As we got into bed, I didn't feel sleepy at all, but somehow managed to doze off. At 4:00am I woke up, completely awake. Arghh.