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Thunderbirds (2004)

So Roger Ebert said that this movie was produced for an audience that didn't exist. Um... Hello? I, for one, thought this movie was pretty cool, but I expect for completely different reasons than the 20 or so kids who enjoyed it along with us. I think you either have to have loved the original Thunderbirds series as a kid, or you have to be a kid in order to "get" this film. Ebert clearly is in neither group.

Points off though for the rather annoying child characters (hint: Spy Kids kind of needed them, because that was the whole point, but Thunderbirds never needed a kid in a starring role in order to appeal to the target audience of same) and also because, for some reason, the words "International Rescue" could never actually be said out loud by any character in the film. Why not? Is it politically incorrect to imagine an organisation not directly affiliated with a single nation?

This movie really put me in the mood for Team America: World Police which is coming from Matt Stone and Trey Parker in October. (It's a satirical action film - with marionettes.)