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Absence Explained

Why no posts for a while? Well, we've had the 'flu. A real nasty one. Yes, I know I posted last month that I was "recovering" but that turned out to be a lull in the bug's onslaught. >L< had this thing about 5 days ahead of me, and I think each of us were pretty much off-kilter for about 3 weeks. So, say 3 weeks and 5 days of see-sawing misery.

Also, we've been working like heck for Our Other Client, even on the days we are officially "off sick" from The Employer At the End Of The Valley. It may have contributed to the seriousness of the flu, but I reject this hypothesis. We've been working at this intensity for the last 8 months and this is the first time we've been sick.

Quick catch up: I've submitted some songs to the second Cyberian Khatru project, and I'm optimistic that one of them will make the cut.

And: The Blueshifter is coming.