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Somethings Gotta Give (2003)

Lisa and I had our 9th anniversary of being married yesterday, and in a fit of rebellion from work, left the house to catch a late afternoon showing of "Something's Gotta Give" at a nearby cinema, followed by takeout pizza back at the house.

The movie was ok, but what we really enjoyed was the fact that we both thought it was less good for the same reasons: It felt like an older woman's wish-fulfilment fantasy, with one dimensional characters and unrealistic circumstances. The film is enjoyable only due to watching Jack Nicholson playing, well, Jack Nicholson; and Diane Keaton being - Diane Keaton. They're both a pleasure to watch as they struggle to overcome the lack of chemistry and clumsy plot.

I've read similar comments in various reviews, so I don't think it's a unique perspective.