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It's all about communication

I suspect I am the only person in the world trying to use MIDIQuest with the Digitech GSP21. It turns out that the GSP apparently ignores requests for a sysex dump unless it is sitting on the utility menu option "Dump MIDI Data? Press V for Yes". As soon as you get it to that point, you can tell MIDIQuest to extract the patch information from the device and display it in the edit buffer on the computer screen. What is also not obvious is that the only mode that appears to work is "ALL" information, but it *looks* like a single patch. If you right-click on the patch name, you get a drop-down list of all of the patches and you can jump to any particular one.

So, good news: GSP21 patches are backed up, and I got the POD backed up as well. And, I've discovered that the correct settings to get a decent guitar sound for that piece I've been working on: It's the middle single-coil pickup on the Ibanez, through the "Paradigm Lead" patch on the GSP. And it sounds better still if I use the POD on the GSP's effect loop for gain/distortion and use the GSP for tap delays only.