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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Adding injury to industry

We've got a guest from one of our clients staying with us for a few days this week as we put in some serious head time on that project. It's been great so far, we've introduced him to Spinal Tap (he now "gets" all the "goes to 11" jokes); and various other important things, while getting a lot of work done.

However, in the middle of this, I have managed to put my back out. I'm pretty sure I know when it happened - a couple of days ago I installed a duplexing unit into our workhorse printer, and stupidly tried to move it back into its alcove by picking it up. I realised it was too heavy and used an alternative method (pushing with my feet) but yesterday I got up from my chair and suddenly realised Things Were Not Good.

The specific motions and positions that cause pain have been moving around and changing their seriousness, and some of that could have to do with the little blue pills I have been taking. I fully expect to get better over the next few days. But what a bummer.

Speaking of Blue Pills, we are intending to go see Matrix: Revolutions later this week. I should be in good enough shape to go....