looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Symmetry (two rows of four)

My right arm totally lacks co-ordination and power. I am left-handed; so this is not completely unexpected. Also, since my accident many years ago my right shoulder has been a bit iffy.

However, I was not prepared for a complete inability to beat a drum rhythm in time!

This revelation is a result of a new acquisition in the studio equipment arena: an electronic drum trigger unit that you can beat with sticks! It's a simple, 8-pad thing that you can set up to drive all those other keyboardy, rack thingys via MIDI signals, with a few good built-in sounds as well. I got it because, well, I'm stuck on a couple of music projects and I wanted to try something different to kick-start some creative action. They both need better rhythm tracks, so this seemed like a good and challenging idea.

I never expected to be the world's greatest drummer - except in my mind, of course - but merely beating out a regular kick-snare combination seems to be beyond me, unless I just use one stick in my left hand, and let it do all the work. Depressing. This will need practice.

Other than my human limitations, the pad itself seems pretty good. Drum techniques like flams, rolls, fills, and other stick tricks seem easy to do on the rubbery rectangles. Bok Factor 8.