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  amongst the irregular verbiage

End of a Push

Well, we just sent off a delivery of a bunch of work that we've been concentrating on for the last few weeks. With any luck, there won't be any immediate follow-up work, and we'll have a few stress-free days before the beta testers cut loose.

It feels good to be at this point, even though we're probably only half-way done.

Cat#2 has taken to coming in to the bathroom when I'm showering and sitting on the ledge next to the shower, waiting for me to finish. Then, when I open the shower door to reach for my towel, she sticks her head in and started to lick up the water drops collecting in the trough at the bottom of the door. A couple of days ago, she was actually eager enough that she figured out that I was *about* to take my shower, and she insisted that I open the shower door for her, at which point, she jumped in and waited for the water to appear. I told her she really wasn't going to like it, and recommended that she wait patiently outside the cabinet until I had finished, but she just meowed and sat on the drain.

So I turned on the water.

You know, for a fat cat, she sure can move.

A few days later, there she was again, waiting for me to finish. This time, she would actually sit on top of my towel where I had put it in easy reach. This is right next to the glass partition, with me showering on the other side. The only way I could persuade her to get off my towel was to open the shower door - upon which she jumped down off the ledge and stuck her head in to take her morning drink.

Bizzaro world exists - and I'm living it in, apparently.