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  amongst the irregular verbiage

It was W32/Nachi, honest!

OK, so network throughput on my computers totally sucked all day, even at work in the office at WonkaTech. Finally, remembering Lisa's exhortations over the last week or so to run Stinger, McAfee's new antivirus tool, I did so.

Both my laptop and my desktop at home were infected with W32/Nachi, which is a RPC/DCOM exploit based Internet worm that actually tries to de-infect computers of *another* worm, W32/Lovesan.

Embarassing to say the least.

Anyway, I'm now fully patched on both machines, and internet access is back to normal. We don't know if I caught it from machines at Wonka (quite possible, they've been riddled with virus problems recently) or if it was related to the problems our broadband service experienced over the weekend.