looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Oh, the irony

We've lost Internet access here at Chez Karma, and right now we don't know what the problem is. This morning it was intermittent, but since then it's pretty solidly not available. We can't ping external IP addresses, although the cable modem indicates that there is something on the other end of the cable. Normally when the Internet goes away, the "cable" light on the box is dim. Well, it's lit up right now. And the "data" light is flashing, even when we disconnect the modem from our internal network. So something out there is hitting it, or at least the modem wants us to think there is.

The irony is that we're both supposed to be working hard on stuff for Our Other Client, which, in my case at least, strictly speaking, doesn't need me to refer to documents Out There or to waste time collecting spam.

Of course, the time I would have spent browsing online and not working, is now spent trying to see if the Internet has come back or  trying to make it come back. And not working.