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  amongst the irregular verbiage

The upgrade continues

It's getting near the end of the month and I'm still working on revising this web site. It's fun, in that the monthly archives will be automatic, and I can tag posts as different types of "reviews" and group them separately, and lots of other good things. I should have done it this way from the beginning, but in the "home" edition of CityDesk you're limited to 500 files and I was so afraid that I would exceed the limit that I ended up doing things in a very inefficient way. Now, in the "Pro" version, the limit doesn't exist but the ironic thing is that I haven't even reached that 500 page limit yet!

When I finally publish this revised site up on the web, you may notice some broken links, especially if I am internally linking to posts on other dates. I will fix these as they are brought to my attention.

In other news, we have been enjoying having Derek with us these past few days. He returns to the East Coast for his junior year at college on, I think, the 4th September. So far we have enjoyed watching DVDs, eating, playing pool, and generally decompressing after the whole wedding/San Diego thing.