looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Driving Back to Vegas

We set out on the drive back to Vegas at around 10:00 am, later than ideal but still fine - no matter how early we left, we'd still have to deal with some sun in the desert stretches.

As tradition requires, we stopped at Peggy Sue's Diner for lunch at around 1:00, and arrived home around 3:30pm.

Almost straight-away, Derek and I go out to Creature Comforts to pick up the cats. They were very happy to be home, and, strangely, seem to enjoy each other's company more than they did. Perhaps they finally got used to living together in their 4-cube condo.

We went out for Chinese food for dinner, then did a bit of food shopping to fill the fridge up again. Home to email, and sleep.