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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Josh and Anna get hitched

Wow... wedding day. Such a lot happened, and as I write this after the fact I find that the details are blurry but overall I got a strong memory of ritual, celebration, happiness, and hope.

Josh organized a mid-morning brunch in an interesting restaurant near the hotel, in the La Mesa Village, called "Village Garden". We sat outside under shade provided by a canopy of flowering vines supported by netting and big wooden beams - pergolas I guess we could call them.

It was a pleasant, leisurely meal, and Josh seemed quite at ease although I can't believe he wasn't emotionally whirling inside.

Then it was back to our hotel room, to get showered and dressed in our wedding outfits.

Lisa and myself, along with Stan, Jeanne, Derek and Teresa were due to show up an hour or so early, for the formal photography, so we made sure Mitchell had a seat with Merlin and Kevin, and drove off to Anna's parent's house with Derek and Teresa, Stan and Jeanne following us in their car.

For those of you reading this that were unable to be at the wedding, I feel a kind of duty to describe in great detail the events of the day, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do it. I'll try...

After the photographer did his thing, and the 130 or so guests started arriving, we all wandered around meeting people, mixing, and enjoying drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

I was wearing a jacket over my shirt, and for the formal photography I put a tie on, which stayed on until after the end of the ceremony. As a consequence, I tried not to go out in the sun much. It rapidly became very warm, even in the shade.

And then it was time.

I'm not really up to speed with the components of a traditional Jewish wedding, so I can't comment on how traditional this one was, whether it left out optional parts, or what. I do know that this page is helpful.

Josh and Anna signed the ketubah (the decorated jewish wedding contract, hand-painted by Anna), witnessed by Stan (gramps) and another family friend whose name eludes me, then the Rabbi said some stuff, and the wedding party went out the back to prepare for the next stage.

Mitchell and Kevin were each supporting a pole of the chuppah, which is a canopy held over the bride and groom. Barbara and I came and stood at the front while Anna and Josh, flanked by their parents Marshall and Judy, Lisa and Jon, walked up the aisle to stand under the chuppah. Lisa and I, along with Barbara and Jon, stood on the groom's side of the chuppah, while Judy and Marshall took Anna's side with Kevin and Mitchell, with Derek ("best man") and Anna's brother Arthur on the side opposite the guests.

Then there were blessings, sips of wine, the ketubah was read in both English and Hebrew, more blessings, exchanging of rings, more wine, more blessings... etc etc.

Fortunately we were all in the shade, and it never got unbearably hot.

After the ceremony there was food, and speeches, and dancing, until the sun went down and the stars came out and Mars rose in the South East.

Well done everyone, and congratulations to the newly-weds!