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Blue Monday

We knew we would be taking Mitchell to see the Blue Man Group, and earlier this week we had snaffled some good seats for the Sunday early evening show. So, yesterday we drove down to the Strip in the afternoon to explore some of the more interesting places.

We parked at Caesar's Palace and wandered around the Forum Shops (particularly the Virgin Megastore) before walking to the Belagio. We debated trying to get into the Belagio Buffet, but at 5:00 the queue was quite long already, so we decided to go back to the car and stick to the original plan, which was to have dinner at the Mandalay Bay buffet.

After negotiating stupid strip traffic, we finally travelled the 3 blocks South and parked under the Mandalay Bay. There was no queue at all at the M.B. buffet. There never is - and it is a perfectly great buffet. I don't understand it.

We were shown to a nice table by the window which made for very pleasent eating conditions.

After dinner we caught the tram from Mandalay Bay to the Luxor for the Blue Man Group show, and arrived in plenty of time for the 7:00pm show. (It does not pay to be late at a Blue Man show.)

I've written about the Blue Man Group before, and so I won't repeat myself here, except to say it's always great, and Mitchell really enjoyed it, as we knew that he would.

OK, so we go into the strip yesterday to do stuff, park at Caesars, see forum shops, walk to Bellagio, then walk back to the car, drive to park at Mandalay for the buffet, then catch the tram to luxor for the Blue Man Group. Mitchell enjoyed it, as we knew he would, and so did we.

After show we caught the tram back to the Mandalay Bay (in fact, due to a mistake of mine, we took the tram in the wrong direction, to the Excalabur, instead. Lisa then found the walkway back to the Luxor, upon which we took the tram back in the right direction to the Mandalay Bay.)

We sat for a while in the Island Lounge in the middle of the Mandalay Bay, and listened to some passable music by a covers band. It was pretty good.


As I write this, it's Monday, and we're still on holiday of course but other people at work are going back to find that the computer room move performed so admirably by the permanent IT staff over the weekend has 1) reset the phone voicemail system, 2) disabled the VPN access. 3) knocked out one of the main Novell servers into intermittent mode, 4) resulted in 95% of all computers in the Vegas office being "visited" and their configuration "checked".

Oh, and they announced all this with a PostMaster message saying "the computer room move was completed successfully".

Big whoop. We don't know if any of our machines are still working, because we can't connect through the VPN and find out. We can get email, though, enough to see that many, many of our users are having problems.

I feel confident that the new IT support person will be able to handle the situation - if she hasn't quit by the end of the day.