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Mitchell arrives in time for dinner at Paris

Today was our last day at WonkaTech before taking our three week break, and by design it was also the day Mitchell was due to show up. Originally we weren't sure if he was to be flying in to McCarran airport, or driving from LA, but either way the WonkaTech offices are close to where we would be picking him up from. His last email confirmed the driving plan.

He showed up at Terminal 2 at around 4:15pm, which gave me just enough time to zoom out and pick him up and get back to the Wonka office before 5:00pm, at which time my ID swipe card stops working. As it turned out, we got back just a few seconds after 5 which confirmed that, yes indeed, my swipe card stopped working at 5:00. Luckily a security guard let us in.

After we'd finished up at the office, we drove into the 'Strip and parked at the Aladdin and walked to Paris for a buffet dinner.