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Computers of the Future

Something else about Hulk - and in fact, many other films I've seen recently. Apple Macs have taken over. They're in labs, on desks, people have them for laptops... I guess it's because they look good.

I want a Mac because I want to feel like I'm using a computer from the future.

As Lisa pointed out to me, much of my time at home computer-wise is spent browsing the web, newsgroups and email. Which could be performed quite satisfactorily on an Apple Mac.

I could even find an alternative diary/weblog application. CityDesk works, but it is hardly adictively enjoyable.

No, the real sticking point is my investment in Windows-based music software, and the fact that as long as I can work some of the time at home, I'd need a PC/Windows box on my desk as well, reminding me constantly that I am not, in fact, using computers from the future.