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We've spent a quiet few days. The house looks great, Lisa did tell me she was getting some cleaning done, although where she found time between being sick and working, I'm not sure. We did go shopping to get some perishable food in the house, in the middle of the day - 97 degrees! Bit of a shock coming back from late autumn rain in New Zealand to an unexpected heat wave in Las Vegas. It's not normally this hot this early.

Next day it was 106 degrees - 11 degrees above normal! Well, it doesn't look so bad in Celsius.

Day after that, it's 106 degrees outside. When I went to put our outgoing mail in the mailbox, my sunglasses were steaming up on the inside from moisture vaporizing off my eyeballs...

It's back to work next week, plus, we have a trip to Palm Springs coming up for the annual FoxPro Developer's Conference. We'll be driving in the heat, argh.