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NZ Trip: Winding Down

I spent most of the day working on Mum's laptop, either with her or without. I also tried to get USB support working on one of Dad's computers, with no real success. It now has the USB support, we just didn't have access to any drivers for any USB device we tried. There's a good chance that the appropriate drivers are on the CD that came with the camera - but that CD is in Walter's care.

Early afternoon I scooted up the hill to see Paul's parents, Valerie and Armor. They were supposed to be away but had returned back early enough for me to catch up with them, which was very lucky for me, I think.

On the way back I dropped Armor at the service station where his car was being repaired, filled the Rented Rhinoceros up with petrol, and scooted across the valley to go out with Paul one last time.

We found decent coffee at a place called the Screaming Turtle in Petone. Very nice. Good brownies, will spoil my appetite but what the heck.