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NZ Trip: The Kapiti Coast

Drove up the coast to Kapiti this morning to visit my aunts, Wendy and Helen.

Kapiti Island is a protected nature reserve just off the coast of the "mainland" North Island, about 45 minutes drive North of Wellington. The township there is called - not surprisingly - Kapiti, and Wendy and Helen moved out there about two years ago, and the work they've put into their property has resulted in a wonderful, restful place.

After admiring the house and garden, we went out for a walk with a picnic lunch. Walking around their local pond, I saw spoonbills, paradise ducks, lots of things, I forget their names now but lots of bird life.

On the beach where we stopped for a rest and sandwiches, we saw "kite surfers", basically windsurfers except they use a huge kite thingy instead of a sail. We saw them making these tremendous leaps off the waves. They must have some way to alter the lift provided by the canopy, because otherwise I don't see why they didn't take flight and blow away.

After more walking, including stops for coffee and mushrooms, it was time for me to leave. I really didn't feel like it, but Mum was expecting me back for dinner, so, I had to make my farewells.

The drive south was uneventful.