looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

NZ Trip: Cosmic Hit

Mum and I went out for a walk into Lower Hutt to do some shopping on this fine Sunday. We were looking for a birthday present for nephew Jonathan and I think we found the right thing.

On the walk home we passed a church and saw the congregration going in, including Paul & Julia and family. I got to say Hi to Paul's elder brother Bruce whom I haven't seen for yonks, so that was timely.

This evening I'll be going over to see P&J again to give them a copy of the game "Cosmic Encounter". Lisa suggested it, and I think it was an excellent suggestion. After that, we're going to have dinner out at a restaurant in Petone, called Zilli's. Turkish/Middle-eastern, which will do the trick I think.

Later: Cosmic was a definite hit with Joel and Ben. Heh. Lisa has good ideas for presinks.