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NZ Trip: Family Time

I definitely have a cold. I'm sure I picked it up from either Ryan or Zoe. So far the only symptoms are a sore throat and a mild runny nose, but I suspect a cough followed by loss of voice are the next ones.

I drove into town to have lunch with my sister Vivienne and Graeme today, which was very pleasent. The house is looking really good now that they have finished the extra room upstairs. (This is old news to locals, but new to me.)

At around 2:30 Vivienne and I took the big Mitsubishi Daimonte rental car to pick up Rosemary & Jessica from school. Well, I was warned, but it was still startling to see the twins (technically identical) looking so different. Rosemary has shot up in height but Jessica hasn't started her growth spurt yet. Rosemary is about 1/2 foot taller than Jess! (Taller than her elder sister Elizabeth.) They are both happy and bouncy, great fun. And they are different in other, more normal ways. Both very cute though!

We had time to pick up Elizabeth from her school as well, which involved directing the wagon through some narrow gates and around some dodgy corners but I managed ok. Elizabeth is looking great too. Very grown up and responsible-looking.

When we got back to the house I was ambushed by David who sprang through a door and gave me a hug. I did not give my permission for him to grow so big - but then no-one asked me and that is as it should be.


Elizabeth absolutely refused to let me take her photo, even though cute black cat Tui was in a perfect pose on her shoulders. I had to give my word I wouldn't even try to look at her through the viewfinder. Jessica did not make any such stipulation.

David came with me in the car as I took Rosemary to her advanced swimming lessons. They both shouted contradictory driving directions to me while I tried to stay on the left side of the road.