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NZ Trip: There's no such thing as a little Garlic

I was supposed to go in to Cornerstone with Walter this morning, but instead we went shopping for a frozen chicken. Also, I was interested in going shoe shopping because I'd only brought one pair of shoes and I didn't want to wear them out with the kind of treatment they were getting.

I ended up getting the exact same kind of shoe that Walter was wearing, and had bought sometime earlier. LYNX is the brand, kind of hybrid walking/sandshoe. Walter would have bought another identical pair, but instead of fighting over the last size 10 pair in the shop, he suggested putting another pair on order for later. So I have some new shoes, sort of trainer/walker kind of things.

So far everyone who has taken cash from me has commented on the "old bank notes". Some even express dubiousness over whether they are still legal tender! These were relatively new four years ago. I guess they redesigned them to be harder to counterfeit. Certainly all the notes I've been given back since I arrived have been different, with little transparent plastic windows in them.

Now I'm at the Cornerstone office, getting online to check mail and catch up on WonkaTech emails too. I'm getting a terrible sore throat - it's probably the same thing that Becky, Ryan, and Zoe have got.

Later: Dinner was great. No more jokes about Walter's cooking. I did insist on more garlic in the chicken though. Early to bed for me, because the way my throat is acting up I really think I'm going to be needing the sleep.