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  amongst the irregular verbiage

NZ Trip: Auckland is always humid (and other generalisations)

The plane touched done on time, a very gentle landing. I tried to get out ahead of The Man With The Horrible Smell but end up in the exit line just in front of him. I pity the people behind me, who must have been sitting just in front of him.

It's 4:30am, everything was shut in the duty free corridor....

Let it be noted: The Customs/Passport man did *not* say, "Welcome Home".  I collected my bags and got through Customs without any trouble at all, even the little drug-sniffing beagle (cute!) didn't bother to sniff my luggage.

Walter and Zoe showed up almost immediately after I sat down with my bags. Zoe is cute like Kami. Walter looks good; trim but not too thin.

It was wet and raining outside. Tragic. "Oh, the humidity!" (The Hindenberg is damp and fails to catch fire.)

Walter drove us back to the North Shore, taking odd turns mostly by mistake. We get to drive down K' Road, through Ponsonby, Newmarket, old haunts. Pity it was dark and wet outside, because I couldn't enjoy it, and Zoe got a little carsick on the way.

We sneaked into the house and I plead to go straight to bed and maybe catch a little z's before the rest of the house wakes up.