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NZ Trip: Approaching NZ

I've just finished reading the second of three Analog SciFi magazines, and set my watch to local time - which makes it 3:28am on Monday 12 May. I'm not going to change the time on my laptop, though, and it - like me - actually feels like it is 8:28am on Sunday.

I guess we're about an hour out from landing. (Actually, the video display has just finished a movie and is reporting statistics, include time to arrival: 58min. Hah.)

Speaking of movies, according to the schedule in the magazine, one of them should have been "About Schmidt" which I would have made an effort not to sleep through. However, instead, I think we got others that I can't even remember now.

I used the three pillows and rugs from all three seats in my row to make quite the most comfortable bed I've ever had on an aeroplane - which isn't saying much, I know. But despite that, I ended up with a series of short naps filled with bizzare dreams. It's also freezing.

Breakfast was, eh, 5 out of 10. I would have liked some coffee, but as you read previously, they don't really have any on this flight.