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NZ Trip: Somewhere over the Pacific

It's *mumble* o'clock, and we're somewhere over the Pacific ocean. The flight is not crowded at all. I have a row of seats to myself! I fully intend to stretch out over all three seats later on. I'll figure out some way to keep my seat-belt on...

Even if I didn't have the luxury of the extra seats, I'd be pretty comfortable. I don't remember what the seat spacing was like on the previous trans-Pacific flight I took, but I *think* these are further apart than I remember.

I heard a wide range of accents in the boarding area, some familiar, some not. Many interesting-looking people.

I was planning to write more than this, but I'm kind of tired. I've figured out my watch and it is actually 10:10pm PST and I guess that's my bedtime, although somewhere during this flight I get to add an extra five hours.

Air New Zealand in-flight food rating:
   Dinner: 9 out of 10 (Cassarole, yum)
   After-dinner coffee: -1 (it's dish-water)