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X-Men 2 (2003)

We were going to leave work early today but - as usual - everything took longer. Or maybe not: Leaving work at 5:30 *is* early for us.

Texas Station is basically on the way home (if we choose to go that way) so stopping in for a 6:30 showing of "X2" seemed like a sensible thing to do.

Now, I enjoyed the first X-Men movie a lot. This one... well, maybe you have to be an X-Men comic fan-boy/girl to truly appreciate it, because I thought it dragged a bit and was even boring in places. Perhaps with more knowledge of the backstory or mythology, it would have been better. I still enjoyed it, but - I was expecting more.

It didn't help that trailers for "League of Extraordinary Gentleman", "Hulk", and "Matrix Reloaded" were shown beforehand, because any one of the those films looked as though it would kick X2's mutant butt.