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My Spam Count is a little high

It's Friday, our "Day Off" from WonkaTech, not a day off from work as such.

I'm getting more Spam than ever - 35 today, which is a daily high. Call my experiments earlier in the year a complete washout. There has been no noticeable lasting reduction.

I did read an interesting article (http://www.cdt.org/speech/spam/030319spamreport.shtml) that described a *serious* attempt to track down what attracts spam. Interestingly, Opt-out didn't really have much effect because most spam is from "new" sources, not repeats. This makes sense because no-one (except a troubled, lonely few) really wants this stuff. It explains why Junk Mail Lists have no effect (at least in my case).

Anyway, the gist of the article is that spam comes from new sources, mostly from harvesting emails off web sites and news groups. I kind of knew this already, except my public web pages had my email address plastered all over them. Last week I made a real effort to edit the pages so that my email address was always "colin at spacefold.com" or similar, so that you could still find out how to contact me without making it real easy to harvest the address.

So far I haven't noticed a dramatic reduction in spam, but we'll see if we eventually notice a difference. The article suggests we might.