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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Lady Bug Survey

I went out this morning in the wonderful crisp morning air (crisp is the wrong word. It wasn't cool temperature-wise, but defenitely smelled clean and good) and checked the desert willow for aphids and lady-bugs. I could only find two lady-bugs, both fat and sitting high in the top branches. They looked like little red berries - except the desert willow doesn't have berries and it's the wrong season anyway.

There is still some sign of aphids, but not nearly the same level. If it was at this level to begin with, I might have said, ok, the tree's doing fine, this looks like a sustainable ecosystem, let's just let it work itself out.

But the idea of dispatching another packet of ladybugs is so appealing that we might do it anyway. Even with two packs of Lady bugs it's cheaper than buying a spray can of chemical insecticide that doesn't seem to have any lasting effect.