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More Ripping Yarns

OK, this is getting silly. I ripped *another* shirt at work today, in exactly the same way - elbow through sleeve. It is Time to Buy Some New Shirts.


I've kind of shied away from sending links to people regarding the events in the Middle East (to heck with ephimisms, let's make that the Rape of Iraq (I believe the commonly heard defence was: She was asking for it)).

But I'd like to think more people have read this than just me: http://argument.independent.co.uk/commentators/story.jsp?story=397925

I'm not saying it's any more "true" than some of the propaganda we're seeing in the local media, but balance is good.

UPDATE:  OK, I'm sorry - that link has turned into a "pay as you go" thing. I swear I've been reading columns and articles on the Independent's web site for the last month or so, and they've been excellent, and never once was there any mention of pay-as-you-go. Then, suddenly, a couple of days ago, it's all about "Portfolio Articles" and "subscriptions". And I think the cost is a little too high for a casual purchase.

The thing is, I'm tempted to do it. The quality of the material on the site is really that good. Unfortunately, even if I did subscribe, I couldn't just send links to people like the one above. I'd have to cut-n-paste the text, which I feel probably isn't the Right Thing To Do.

I'm sure the original article is no longer in my internet cache either, and the page doesn't show up in the WayBack Machine.